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We are a small, agile company that believes our direction should be led by our values. Our culture is based on integrity, keeping our promises, and giving back to the global communities in which we do business.

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Guiding Noel Group's success is a diverse team of skilled staff members who understand our value-based approach to business. Unparalleled customer service and exceptional performance standards are integral parts of every team member's mission. Our commitment to global citizenship drives us to make business decisions based on the best interests of our team members, clients and the global community.

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Our organization is made up of caring individuals who understand that success is not built on profitability alone. At Noel Group, our direction is led by our values, and our commitment to that philosophy motivates us to give back to the global and local communities in which we do business.

Through our philanthropic activities such as Make A Mark, the Compass Scholar Program and local involvement, Noel Group continues to impact the lives of people locally and throughout the world everyday.

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Learn how a village in Africa is becoming self-sustaining to support its 900 AIDS orphans and 100 grandparents.


Nyumbani Village

Nyumbani Village


Trees4Children: The Melia Tree

Fast-growing melia trees provide a source of continual revenue for the familes of Nyumbani Village in Kenya. Learn more at Trees4Children.org.


Noel Group and 7 Habits

Every employee attends a 3-day training workshop to learn the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Employees are encourage to live by these principles and also attend monthly renewal sessions.

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